Casino – The Movie That Changed Vegas


As any casino enthusiast knows, a great casino is all about creating an environment that makes guests feel like VIPs. From the ambiance to the food, everything should be carefully planned so that guests have an unforgettable experience. But if there’s one thing that casinos should always keep in mind, it’s that the world is constantly changing. What’s popular now is likely to change five or ten years down the line, and it’s important for casino operators to stay on top of these changes to ensure that their venues remain relevant.

When it comes to the movies, few directors have ever done as much for a city as Martin Scorsese did with Casino. The film is rife with violence, treachery and avarice but is not without its moments of humanity. Sharon Stone is superb as Ginger and it’s almost unfair that she was robbed of an Oscar for her performance. James Woods and Vinny Vella also have great moments.

Scorsese shows us the dark underbelly of Sin City in a way that is both entertaining and educational. While many films set in Vegas glamorize the glitz and glamour, Casino takes it to an entirely different level and is an epic history lesson about how organized crime took over a once-sleazy town. Despite being over three hours long the movie never lags or loses its appeal. This is largely due to the fact that it is filled with so many brilliant side-plots and characters but it all revolves around a central story of greed and corruption.

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