The Casino Industry is Changing – Focus on the Most Important Factors and Avoid the Fads


The casino industry is changing quickly and the games, entertainment options, and customer service that are popular now may not be what captivates audiences five or ten years from now. This means that casinos should focus on optimizing for the most important factors and avoiding fads.

For example, a casino should focus on providing quick and easy withdrawals, great customer support, and integrating online components into floor games. This will attract the attention of new customers while keeping current ones engaged. It also helps to target different audiences with tailored messaging and advertising. While the Boomer and Gen X audience tends to spend most of their time gambling, Millennial and Gen Z audiences are likely to be more interested in elevated food and entertainment offerings.

Casino is a perfect example of how to successfully capture the interest of an older audience while targeting a younger one. Robert De Niro’s portrayal of Ace combines the classic underworld hero with just enough scumbaggery to make it compelling. The film also delivers a sense of nostalgia for the era that it captures without ever taking itself too seriously.

Casino is also notable for its truly hellacious violence, a torture-by-vice sequence that includes a popped eyeball and a baseball bat beating that had to be trimmed to avoid an NC-17 rating. This is typical of Scorsese’s style but does not undermine the movie’s message. Like Goodfellas, Casino evokes nostalgia for an era that no longer exists while retaining a skepticism about what will replace it.

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