What is a Slot?

The word slot is a noun that has a specific meaning. It can fit any morpheme sequence. In sports, it refers to a rectangular area that extends from the blue line into the opposing goal. In other contexts, slot refers to an interior opening in an airplane’s copy desk. A chief copy editor’s position at a newspaper is a slot. A space authorized by an airport to increase airflow is a slot.


A computer has slots in the back of the motherboard, so that you can add additional memory and processors. In addition, slots can be referred to as expansion ports. These are openings that can be accessed by add-on boards or expansion cards. Similarly, bays are sites in a computer where disk drives can be installed. They are typically located on the back or front of the computer. In a PC, a slot is used for more than one processor.

A slot is a narrow gap between two airfoils. It allows airflow to pass over the wing. It is also a position within an organization. A slot is an airplane’s connector. The original slot, named the Slot 1, was introduced by Intel Corporation in 1997. In 1999, AMD released the Slot A, which is not compatible with Slot 1. In 2001, Intel introduced the second version, called Slot 2, which was larger and used with Pentium II processors. Since the introduction of sockets, slots have become obsolete and are not found in new computers.

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